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 openfreePersonal Genome Net


The $0 Genomics Project home 


PersonalGenome.Net is a free portal for analyzing and engineering personal genomes at $0 cost.
           PersonalGenome.Net is one of BiO sites. 

           We promote openfree exchange of bio- and geno-information throughout the world.

Join us !

$0 Genomics Project for genomic equality

$0 Genomics project is a project launched by


It is to collect personal genomics information for free and distribute it free. It is a zero-cost genomics project.



Governments and companies can pay for the genotyping cost and the voluteers let the world access the personal genome information without any restriction. 

All the $0 geonmics participants get all the personal genomics information for free from

There are people who have published personal genomic information. 
If you have your own genome information acquired by full genome sequencing, SNP chips and other genome chips, you can provide the information to 

It is an openfree BiO project.

Why a $0 Genomics Project?

Genomic equality

Genome information should be free for all and the benefit of free genomics should be shared by people with little money and access to information.

Human Genome Right

How does it work?

1. Petition for $0 Genomics Project: Please click here and sign your name to petition the governments of the world to sequence genomes free of charge

2. Cheap sequencing
3. Collecting free SNP and genome information

4. $0.0 Genomics Analysis Package construction.

Consortium for $0 Genomics Project

Members of $0 Genomics Consortium


Openfree Genomics Research Topics

Genomics  Variomics  Interactomics  Phenomics


Research materials resource
Genome Variome Interactome & Phenome: RTENOTITLE


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