$0 Genome Project Launch

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The $0 Genomics Project.

$0 Genomics Project for genomic equality (aka: Free Genome Project) is a project launched by Genomics.org - http://personalgenome.net

It aims to collect, generate and distribute personal genome information free of charge.

Why $0?

To promote "genomic equality".


Genome information should be free for all and the benefit of free genomics should be shared by people with little money or access to information resources.

Many developed nations have big biotech companies that try to profit from sequencing personal genomes. We are not against this activity. However, we want people all over the world to get reasonably equal opportunities for getting their genome sequencing and analysis done with a minimum of cost: i.e. $0.

As much as the gaps in income, technology and access to the internet, the gap among people who can utilize genomic information or not is an important future issue. Our scientists and governments should discuss this matter and provide the easiest access with minimum cost to our own genome information.

This is a feasible and ethical petition to enhance equality in understanding ourselves. We try to lower the gap between rich and poor countries in terms of sharing the most fundamental information of human beings.


Free Genome Project as national genome project